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Home Health Screening Providers

Health Screening Singapore (Anson Road) by ATA Medical – healthscreening.sg

Home page of Health Screening Singapore (Anson Road) by ATA Medical – healthscreening.sg.
Reviews 4.8/5.0 stars on Google
Availability We are frankly quite impressed with their operating hours. This operates 7 days a week 8.30AM to 5.00PM, even on public holidays when you’d expect most companies to be closed. Furthermore, when we queried on WhatsApp if they would be keen to operate out at a slightly earlier timing (i.e. 7AM), we were pleasantly surprised
Price Wise $100 to $550 (for 3 pax and more)
$108 to $600 (for single individual)
(Prices before GST)
Packages The most basic Bronze package ($100) covers the basic diabetes, blood pressure and high cholesterol. The highest tier Sapphire package ($600) covers hormone tests, heart screening and even vitamin deficiency
Follow Up Complimentary tele consultation or consultation at the clinic
Pros Highly responsive on WhatsApp. Price seems reasonable with some discount if you choose your home health screening with 3 pax and above
Cons Seems to lack a booking form for home screening. However, the response from the chat was fairly fast

Homage Health Care

Home page of Homage Health Care.
Reviews 4.4/5.0 stars on Google
Availability Monday – Friday: 7 days in advance. Timing will have to be requested on a case by case basis
Price Wise $124.20 to $210.60
(Prices before GST)
Packages The Basic package ($124.20) seems to be comprehensive, which includes Blood Pressure, Haematology, Diabetic, Kidney, Liver, Lipid, Urine, Cardiac and even Bone & Joint profiles. The Comprehensive package ($210.60) includes a STD and various tumour marker tests
Follow Up Tele consultation
Pros Highly positive reviews and competitive packages
Cons Long waiting time for appointment booking.
Homage, however, seems to use freelancers / part timers for their home screening and visits based on most recent feedback. While this is not a major issue, we do consider service from full time employees to vary less a little lesser

Health Outreach Programme

Home page of Health Outreach Programme.
Reviews 4.8/5.0 stars on Google
Availability Depending on which region you select (North, South, East, West, Central), there are either 1 or 2 days per week for you to choose. For instance, for Central, we had the options of Monday or Friday. For the South, there were only Saturday options. Each day only had two timing options
Price Wise $58 (for 5 pax and more)
$128 to $448 (for 3 pax and more)
(Prices before GST)
Packages HOP has home health screening packages from 1 to 9 Series. The 1 Series ($58) covers blood pressure, height and weight, kidney function and diabetes. The 9 Series ($448) covers a wide range of tests.
Follow Up Complimentary tele consultation or consultation at the clinic
Pros Established player with over 15 years of experience
Cons Recent reviews seem to indicate unhappiness with service at the clinic


Home page of Minmed.
Reviews 3.6/5.0 stars on Google
Availability Monday – Saturday: 8.30AM to 12.15PM
Price Wise $190 to $500
(Prices after GST)
Packages The most basic Anson package ($190) contains Height & Weight, Blood Pressure, Urine Analysis, Glucose, Cholesterol, FBC, Kidney, Liver and Syphilis Screen, Bone Disease, Gout Screen, Thyroid Profile, Hepatitis A & B screen and even 2x Tumour Markers. The Robinson package ($500) includes Hepatitis C, Heart Screen and even Deficiency Screen for Vitamin D, B12, Folate and Iron
Follow Up Complimentary tele consultation
Pros Established player in the market with a huge focus on home health screening
Cons Recent reviews suggest unhappiness from patients experiencing issues with scheduling tele consultations


Home page of Speedoc.
Reviews 3.8/5.0 stars on Google
Availability When we navigated the website, these were the only timings available:
Monday: 8AM and 10AM
Friday: 9AM and 11AM. Additionally, we could not book on public holidays
Price Wise $105.84 to $375.84
(Prices after GST)
Packages Their Vital package ($105.84) contains tests such as Blood Glucose, Liver / Kidney Function Test and Full Blood Count. Their Comprehensive package ($375.84) includes a wide array of tests such as Blood Group and Type, Hepatitis A-C, Rheumatoid, Cholesterol screen, Liver / Kidney Function Test, Diabetes Screen, Full Blood Count, Tumour Markers and Urine Analysis
Follow Up Complimentary tele consultation
Pros Specialized company with regards to online consultations and home visits
Cons Recent reviews seem to indicate unhappiness from patients trying to contact customer service or having no shows for their appointments

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