Customer analyzing Google reviews of businesses before making a decision on who to go for.

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As part of our desire to understand more into consumers’ wants and needs in health screening, we decided to do a rudimentary analysis of the Google reviews of Singapore’s best health screening clinics. Our analysis aims to show the top keywords mentioned by fully satisfied customers (i.e those who left 5 stars) on Google Maps Reviews.

"Service was beyond expectations. Smooth, fast and easy. We were warmly welcomed into the clinic and everything was done efficiently and thoroughly. The staff were polite and helpful. The waiting room is very lovely and the clinic was very well maintained and clean. Highly recommend :)"

An Actual 5-Star Google Review

These are the parameters of our analysis.:

Sources 8 Health Screening Clinics on Google Maps rated 4.8 stars and above
Number of Reviews Analyzed 3139 5 star reviews from Google Maps

Step 1: Identify the best health screening clinics in Singapore based on Google Reviews

We did this by searching Google Maps with the keyword “health screening singapore”, and sorting it by ratings. We only selected providers with at least 50 feedback and those who were at least 4.8/5.0 stars on Google.

Google Maps search results with filters for health screening singapore.

Step 2: Collate Reviews

We collected all the reviews of the top 8 health screening clinics in Singapore.

Step 3: Clean Health Screening Reviews Data

We cleaned the data to improve the accuracy of analysis. Some of the steps included:

  • Lemmatization: The process of reducing the different forms of a word to one single form (e.g. reducing “builds”, “building”, or “built” to the word “build”).
  • Elimination: We eliminated stop words such as “the”, “a”, “is”, “are”, as well as words that were specific and only meaningful for a certain clinic.

Step 4: Analyze Reviews

For the purpose of this review, we sought to use only the 5 star reviews; all other satisfactory reviews such as 3-stars and 4-stars were ignored. We kept the scope limited to analyzing only reviews where customers have expressed full satisfaction (i.e 5 stars) with the service they received.

Step 5: Visualize Top Keywords of Health Screening Reviews

Top keywords generated from 5 star Google reviews for health screening.

Some of the top keywords are:

  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Attentive
  • Service
  • Efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Helpful
  • Staff
  • Doctor

Please note that Word Clouds are a simple and quick low-cost method of visualization. It may not take into consideration the context of which the keywords were mentioned in. In the future, we hope to perform a more detailed analysis of the keywords mentioned in these reviews.

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